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Many athletes who excel in their sport in high school, look for an opportunity to be recruited into a college.
But many athletes do not know the system and the details surrounding the recruiting process.
So many athletes every year are disappointed and miss their opportunity to get recruited to college.
DON’T BE THAT PERSON – we are here to help you with this process.

What we Offer
Volleyball Video Highlights

Volleyball Video Highlights

There is no denying the crucial role highlight videos can play for many student-athletes in their recruiting process.
College coaches are extremely busy; it would be impossible to travel the country to evaluate every potential recruit. Highlight videos are a chance to get student-athletes in front of coaches and give them an unbiased look at their skills and abilities.
It’s a fact that online recruiting profiles that include a highlight video receive more than 10 times as much traffic as those without one.
A great highlight video is one of the most important things to include in your recruiting profile to garner serious attention from college coaches.
A highlight video is exactly that: Clips of your game footage highlighting your talent and skill. These videos are important because they save coaches time by allowing them to quickly review hundreds of student-athletes without having to visit them in person.

How do I put together a highlight video?
We are here to do that for you !!

How does this work?

  • We have to receive your recorded games during the season ( USB or Google drive )
  • Once we finish your highlights, we will send you the video on the same USB drive, or we will upload it on google drive so you can download it. Whatever works best for you!

Each video starts with a custom card with a picture of the athlete, highlights, and contact info. Videos include a highlight mark on the athlete so coaches know who to look for in the video.

Videos do not include music (music by request only). Why don’t I automatically include music? Because it is 100% unnecessary. We have been in coaches’ offices while they look at possible recruits. We can tell that the coaches do not care if the video has music. In fact, most of the coaches had the video on mute. By skipping an unnecessary step, I can offer the lowest rates on highlight videos around!
We aim to create a professional, sleek video that will keep the coach engaged.
The typical turnaround is seven days or less.

Ready to get started?
For the fastest replies, please email or text.
Note: When emailing or texting, please include the athlete’s name, sport, how many highlights you need, from how many games. Also, please include if you have timestamps on full videos or if you have clips that need to be arranged or a full game to be cut!


Cost for clips that WE have to cut:
Basic: $200 per video for up to 15 clips
Full: $270 per video (up to 20 clips from up to 4 games) *recommended by most coaches
Pro: $350 per video (up to 25 clips from up to 5 games)
Cost for clips that YOU already cut:
Basic: $150 per video for up to 15 clips
Full: $170 per video (up to 20 clips from up to 4 games) *recommended by most coaches
Pro: $190 per video (up to 25 clips from up to 5 games)