What we do

NATIONAL LV – Travel Team

This LV of the travel team is for all players who are:

  • Highly motivated
  • Capable to compete against the best teams in the USA
  • Highly dedicated
  • Open-minded and ready to learn and improve
  • Willing to be challenged
  • Ready to accept training sessions on a high LV (College Lv and Pro Lv )

If you see yourself here then you are more than welcome to join us and we promise, you will see this sport from a different level.
Complete TryOut Registration and under Desire LV ( Regional or National ) please chose NATIONAL 


$ 3,000

$ 1,900​

monthly payments (5) will be available

Club Fees to Include
( 2022 – 2023 )

Weekly Practices
Volleyball :
3 practice per week ( 2+2+1.5 ) – 5,5 hours per week + Extra Practice ( 1.5h )

Fitness and Conditioning program
1-2 practice per week (Gym) (2h) ( One during the week and one weekend )


Tournament Entrance Fees
The season will be over with USAV Girls Junior National Championships or AAU National Championships – if the team qualifies.

Uniform Kit Includes
(To save our families money, uniform packages run on a 2 – year cycle.)
Team jerseys, (2)
Club T-shirts, (3)
Backpack. (1)

Shared Practice Equipment
Coaching Expenses
Club Administrative Expenses
Video Highlights for the current season for college purposes
College Recruiting Help

Club Fees Do Not Include
( 2022 – 2023 )

  • Transportation expenses to and from local tournaments traveled by car or airplane.
  • Supplemental Tournaments – teams may elect to attend additional tournaments during the season.​
  • Travel and lodging expenses for the USAV Girls Junior National Championships or for AAU Nationals.
  • Player black spandex shorts, socks, knee pads, and athletic shoes. ​

Training Sessions Start / Ends
( 2022 – 2023 )

Immediately after Tryouts – Once a player accepts the OFFER from GoVolley 
(approximately Middle of November till the end of June)
(USAV Girls Junior National Championships or AAU National Championships)

Practice Players
( 2022 – 2023 )

At the discretion of coaches and club directors, a team may elect to include practice-only players to the roster of any team. For a reduced fee, practice-only players attend all team practices, all club events such as optional fitness and conditioning, and receive the same level of instruction from GO Volley coaches.
However, they do not attend team tournaments unless called upon to fill a vacancy at the discretion of the team coaches. Serving as a practice-only player works well for those using the club season to develop skills or for those who cannot commit to 6-7 months of the club volleyball season.