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what we are all about . . .

GO Volley Elite Volleyball Club will be forming travel teams​​
U10 – U11 – U12 – U13 – U14 – U15 – U16 – U17 – U18 age groups starting
November for the CHRVA club season.
The travel team will be run by GO Volley Elite Volleyball Coaches.

The teams will consist of highly qualified, motivated, and high potential teammates brought together for one purpose – to create one team which will substantially dominate, and which will make extraordinary results at the highest level of volleyball in the USA.

  • Highly Selected team will be composed of 10 regular players + 2 practice play.
  • Team will compete on an OPEN level the entire season
  • Goal is to qualify for National Volleyball Championship
  • Achieve extraordinary results on National Volleyball Championship
  • Domination in the region and above

The objective of this program is to build a group of players with no changes during the year so the same group will be consistent and work together for the next and follow-on seasons.
This is important to create the conditions for success and amazing results and to grow together as a team.

Go Volley provides a wide spectrum of services:
Travel Season: From December till the May/June, 4 – 5 times per week training sessions, Volleyball and Conditioning. 10-12 Travel Tournaments, Uniforms … etc

1 on 1: All attention is on one player, with a goal of improvement or correction of a current technic for any position of players.

Group practices: This form of practice is organized in groups from 10 to 12 players in a goal of development of team spirit and adaptation on new playing systems.

Preparation of Athletes: Condition preparation of any athlete is a basic element of any player. Without it, a player is physically limited from accomplishing full potential. Condition preparation keeps an athlete from injuries during their performances.
This kind of preparation is adjusted by the position of a player, and it is available in two forms:
* 1 on 1 * * group practice *

Recruiting Help

Full Body Testing​
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